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Pizza Oven Essentials

Pizza ovens are a great way to make delicious pizza. With its often round shape and wood-fired method of cooking, pizza ovens are specially designed to make a tasty pizza. Although anyone can use a regular oven to cook a pizza, for the best results, consider using a pizza oven!

Pizza ovens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Read below to discover the difference between an indoor and outdoor pizza oven, and find out which are the best pizza ovens available today.

What are Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

An outdoor pizza oven is often made of brick, cement, or metal. Depending on if the pizza oven is wood-fired, gas, or charcoal-powered will impact the size of the oven and how the pizza is cooked and tastes.

Gas and charcoal outdoor pizza ovens typically are smaller and less expensive. Meanwhile, a wood-fired pizza oven is usually larger and pricier than the gas and charcoal ovens.

A wood-fired outdoor pizza oven works by creating a wood fire on the surface where the pizza will be cooked. Once the surface is at the desired temperature, the wood is pushed away and you place the pizza on the hot surface to cook.

The benefit of using a wood-fired pizza oven is it gives the pizza a smokey taste which inevitably gas and charcoal pizza ovens cannot achieve.

What are Indoor Pizza Ovens?

Indoor pizza ovens are way more compact and smaller than outdoor pizza ovens, which makes them often more practical and efficient. You can often easily place an indoor pizza oven on your kitchen countertop for easy access in your home.  Indoor pizza ovens are usually as much as 12-inches wide. This can be a disadvantage in that you can often only cook smaller pizzas.

Many indoor pizza ovens use convection heating or electric heating. As a result, indoor pizza ovens are way more time-efficient than outdoor pizza ovens and can reach high temperatures quickly.

Another disadvantage of using an indoor pizza oven is you must be careful with how hot and fast a pizza can cook in an indoor pizza oven. Likewise, you won’t get that same smokey flavor an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven can make.

What are the Best Pizza Ovens?

Now that we’ve discussed the difference between indoor and outdoor pizza ovens, it’s important to understand what pizza oven is best for you.

In terms of outdoor pizza ovens, these are some great models to consider, according to Good Housekeeping:

Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizza Oven

Gas Pizza Oven Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven

BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

In terms of indoor pizza ovens, here are a couple more popular options to consider, according to Wired:

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

 You can now make the perfect pizza slice with this new knowledge of pizza ovens. Choosing the right pizza oven for you is essential to be able to cook easily and create a delicious pizza for everyone to enjoy. 

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